8 Pieces Aromatic Insect Repellent cedar Balls


  • Pack of 8 natural moth repellent cedar wood balls – packed in sealed, clear wrap.
  • Naturally repel months & insects gives a fresh, clean scent. Absorbs moisture and odors.
  • Can be placed in drawers, under bed storage bags etc. Diameter 2.2 cm approx.
  • Please remember the aroma is not obviously strong to the human nose but will certainly be an effective repellent to moths.
  • To refresh the aroma, lightly sand the wood with sand paper and the protection will last and last!!
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These balls are made of high standard best aromatic natural cedar wood available. The aroma of the Cedarwood naturally repels moths and insects, whilst leaving your clothes smelling fresh by absorbing moisture and odors.

Cedar Wood products can last a lifetime as long as you gently sand them every few years, this maintenance releases the oils that keep them fragrant and that is what repels the moths and insects.

Moths love tightly packed clothes, they are an invitation for a moth to feast. Just place the scented balls in with your clothes whether that be in a box, drawer, wardrobe or other storage place and alleviate the worry of your favorite clothes being full of holes the next time you take them out to wear them.

Here are a few tips for storing those items of clothing you are likely to store away for a different season. Make sure you clean your clothes properly before storing away. Choose boxes/storage bags that are airtight, this prevents creatures finding their way in, plus clothes will remain dry and prevent mold and mildew. Think about the best storage location. Find somewhere that is dry, cool, clean and dark. Lastly, using moth repellent products like cedar wood is vital when storing your clothes away, they work really well to deter moths from making holes in your beloved clothes.

Please remember the aroma is NOT obviously strong to the human nose but will certainly be an effective repellent to moths.

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